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Ladybird Family Events

Great family events are our passion. We want every moment of every event to be fun, entertaining and memorable. Our aim is to provide inclusive, diverse and accessible events suitable for every child, their families and carers too. 

Kids Blowing Bubbles

Just Plain Simple Fun

Sometimes simple is the best type of fun, you can't beat the bubbles, the egg and spoon races, the tug or wars and the party games. We like to let children be children, having fun the old fashioned way. 

Easter Egg Hunt

Themed Events

There is nothing quite like a themed event, whether its breakfast with Santa, an Easter Egg Hunt or a tea party with Alice. there are so many themes to choose from, from wizards and witches, teddy bears picnics and super heroes to dragons, space themed or princesses. 

Party Entertainer


Let us take care of booking the entertainment. We can find you magicians, balloon makers, dance instructors, DJ's, clowns, princesses or any other type of entertainment you could imagine. We can theme your event to match your entertainment should you choose. 

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